Плаирование семейного бюджета

Плаирование семейного бюджета A command bar at the top of the Maps app. Shape classes and Geometry classes.

Плаирование семейного бюджета Data serialization format and what the numbers represent. That single Geometry is typically a GeometryGroup , which acts as a container that can composite multiple geometry definitions into a single object for purposes of the object model.

Плаирование семейного бюджета Command bars help organize commands and make them easy to access. For a complete list, see Controls and UI elements Place commands on the right surface You can place command elements on a number of surfaces in your app, including the app canvas or special command containers, such as command bars, menus, dialogs, and flyouts. The most common reason for doing this is because you want to use one or more of the curves and complex shapes that can be defined as Segments values for a PathFigure , for example BezierSegment.

Плаирование семейного бюджета Surface Example App canvas content area If a command is constantly needed for users to complete core scenarios, put it on the canvas. The example is mainly intended to give you some examples of what elements exist in the Path.

Плаирование семейного бюджета The first segment is a cubic Bezier curve that begins at , and ends at , , which is drawn by using the two control points ,25 and , Notice that the first and last points are not connected by the Stroke outline as they are in a Polygon.

Плаирование семейного бюджета Point , ; polyline1. Context menus can provide shortcuts to commonly-used actions and provide access to secondary commands that are only relevant in certain contexts, such as clipboard or custom commands.

Плаирование семейного бюджета Command bars can be placed at the top of the screen, at the bottom of the screen, or at both the top and bottom of the screen. The boundary is created by connecting a line from one point to the next, with the last point connected to the first point.

Плаирование семейного бюджета The main difference between these classes is that a Shape has a brush associated with it and can be rendered to the screen, and a Geometry simply defines a region of space and is not rendered unless it helps contribute information to another UI property. This example creates a Polyline with four points set to 10, , 60, , , , and ,

Плаирование семейного бюджета A Border also has the option of having rounded corners if you set the CornerRadius property. Point 60, ; points. You can round the corners of a Rectangle.

Плаирование семейного бюджета Too many commands on the app canvas take up valuable screen space and can overwhelm the user. Note that, whenever possible, you should allow users to manipulate content directly rather than use commands that act on the content.

Плаирование семейного бюджета A Line ignores any value provided for Fill , because it has no interior space. This topic covers mainly the Shape classes.

Плаирование семейного бюджета These properties specify the x-axis and y-axis of an ellipse that defines the curve of the corners. The first segment is a cubic Bezier curve that begins at , and ends at , , which is drawn by using the two control points ,25 and , Rectangle A Rectangle is a four-sided shape with its opposite sides being equal.

Line A Line is simply a line drawn between two points in coordinate space. This enables minimal markup for horizontal or vertical lines. Menus and context menus display a list of commands or options when the user requests them.

Using PathGeometry may be more readable than populating a Path. Path A Path is the most versatile Shape because you can use it to define an arbitrary geometry. Instead, you use design tools that enable you to work in a design or drawing metaphor on a surface.

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This can be done in code or in XAML. A Stroke also requires a Brush that defines its appearance, and should have a non-zero value for StrokeThickness.

Using PathGeometry may be more readable than populating a Path. But with this versatility comes complexity.

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